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Bogner Barcelona 112 Combo, 40 w, 6CA7 rør. Barcelona er til pedalnørderne! Super clean all the way!  Denne forstærker er særdeles velegnet til pedaler!


The Barcelona was designed with high-headroom clean tones in mind. A pure musical platform for guitarists who prefer to have most of their overdriven tones coming from pedals that push the amp's front end. The circuit is also perfect for jazz and country players or anyone wanting a lively, full-range clean tone that feels great to play. Plus, it rocks beautifully when turned up.

A pair of 6CA7's with fixed bias and class AB power amp deliver 40 watts of clean headroom or 20 watts on the low power setting which is perfect for lower volume gigs.

The Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume controls feature an unconventional tone stack design which offers greater control over tone shaping and high headroom.

The Pull Fat function on the gain control serves two purposes: first, with the gain turned up, you'll achieve a fatter and brighter tone. Second, with the gain turned down, you'll have extended dynamics with extended treble and bass.

A three position Mid Selector toggle switch lets you decide between a more traditional slightly scooped blackface, thick tweed midrange or a classic 4x10" type of tone.

All international amplifiers feature high quality components, custom wound transformers, aluminum chassis and our unique black comet tolex with a classic salt & pepper grill.

40 watt 2x6CA7 Class AB power amp
40 or 20 watt operation via 3 position Standby switch
JJ ECC83s 1st and 2nd gain stage
JJ ECC83s phase inverter
Gain with pull fat switch, can be used as pull bright
Volume, Bass and treble controls
3 position midrange selector
Single 8 ohm speaker out
1x12 combo Celestion Vintage 30 8 ohm
Vægt 24 kg

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